Special interest groups: latest report

Here is current information about our Special Interest Groups: what went on last time, what is coming up, etc. Here is a list of all our Groups’ names

October  2019

Art Appreciation/History Group

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The next session for the group will be on Thursday November 7th.   We shall be visiting Creative with Nature in Todmorden.  Details will be sent to group members soon. New members are welcome in the group.  Please contact the convenor for further information.

Art Club

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We have recently welcomed new members to Art Club but a few spaces remain if you would like to come along for a taste of what we do. Our next meeting takes place on Tuesday, 22nd October, 2019 (we meet fortnightly) when we will be sharing our ideas and techniques employed whilst working on our project ‘My Life’.

Beginners Modern Greek Group

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We have reconvened the modern Greek class in the Saltonstal room in Hebden town hall. We have room for some new members but they will have to catch up with the group. Please contact me if interested.

Coffee Club

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Our next meeting of U3A Tod Cloffee Club will take place on Monday, 4th November, 2019, at Honest John’s, Todmorden. Join us for a chat.

Honest John’s address is 6 Rochdale Road OL14 5AA (the old Bank building) it is intended that all subsequent meetings will be held there.

 It is a ‘drop in’ so some stay the full hour & others just for quarter of an hour.  All U3A Todmorden members are very welcome.

Concert Party

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If anyone has a friend or relative In a care home or similar and would like us to entertain, if it is in reasonable range, please contact Rita We are looking forward to another 10 years of fun.        No new information.

Craft Group

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The next meeting of the group will be on Friday October 25th at 10.30 at The Fielden Centre. We shall be returning to mosaic making.   The following meeting will be on Friday November 8th when the topic will will be ‘Making things for Christmas’.  The next  session will be on Friday November 22nd when we shall be learning how to make ‘no sew Christmas baubles’.   At one of theses sessions the group will also be starting on its new group project which is making knee mats for dementia suffers as well as continuing to make ‘Twiddle muffs’ when asked to do so. 

There are now some places in the group.  Anyone interested in joining should contact the convenor and then come along for a trial session to find out more about what we do.

Creative Writing

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The Creative Writing group has been very busy over the last two months with preparations for Christmas but members have still found time to write some great pieces about our ongoing themes. Our topics for November are:-

“I Think I Understand Why”                             “The Date”

Crown Green Bowling

Peter Carrigan 07852 488884  carrigan90@gmail.com (to be linked )
Season has ended until April 2020.


Link not yet connected     ( See contact details and information about the group          )

For information please contact  joint convenors:

Fiona Ryland  fio.a.ryland@gmail.com  or

Mandy Hill mandy@hillsown.com 

Fridays 1.30 -2.30pm at the Dawn Chapman School of Dance. Victoria Road, OL14 5LP. 01706 839113

The dance group continues to meet weekly. Next week is half term and it will resume on Friday 14 th November. On average 10-14 members attend.

French Conversation

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Next meeting is on the 21st. October.

French: ‘An Improvers Group’

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We have restarted French sessions at The Fielden Centre, upstairs room from 1pm to 3pm.

Looking forward to seeing members old and new. Make sure you look out for my email with reminders of what to prepare.

German Group

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Bikability has ensured that for the last three weeks the German group has been meeting upstairs at The Pub. Our focus has been on getting to know the German political system, using texts on postwar German history, the influx of refugees from the east, and the challenging electoral system. Nearly all of these texts were provided by members. We read them, translated them, and then discussed them.

Unfortunately the room wasn’t really suitable for oral and aural work, but we’re grateful to The Pub for providing us with free space, a friendly atmosphere, and relaxing drinks. Next week it’s back to the Firestation Community Room, plug sockets and all.

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Golf’s over for another year. All the regulars arrived and we’ve gained Bill Griffiths so our field now runs to 7 players.

The gang continue to play at Todmorden throughout the year so anybody wanting to join us is most welcome. They join Tod Golf Club as social members (£35.00) and get 4 x 9 holes included then pay £5.00 for 9 holes on dates that are decided among themselves.

Let’s Go

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The  Let’s Go trip was on Tuesday 15th October when it went to visit the World of James Herriott and Thirsk.

Please contact Linda Cook on 01706 817254 or email landcook@talktalk.net for further information. 

Lunch Club

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(details always emailed to members. If you want to join the group please contact the convenor) 

We had our October lunch on 9th October  at the White Lion at Hebden Bridge.  There were about sixteen members.  We had that nice front room facing the road.  The meal itself was very satisfactory, in fact so good that we decided to book the same venue again for January 2020.

Linda and Derek Cook are arranging .the November lunch, but do not seem to have made up their minds as to where.

Mah Jong

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Our Annual lunch is held on the Wednesday that’s closest to Chinese New Year, in early February, and we also have a lunch well ahead of the festive season.  This will be on 6th November at the Hare and Hounds, Todmorden. It continues to be an excellent venue for our purposes; however busy they are with their bookings, they always reserve several tables for our ever increasing group.  The food is pretty good too.

We now have 25 members, and new members, including beginners, are still welcome.  If you’re interested, please contact Harriet (ha@blurrededges.co.uk ) for more details about how you may join us.


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Barbara and I are emigrating to the Irish Republic soon (in about three weeks).  This means that the Music Appreciation Group will meet next Tuesday October 8th) for the last time under my convenorship.

We’ve been meeting in my house for over a year now, having dropped to four regular members.  Whether they choose to keep the group going with one of them taking over as convenor will be up to them, but I’ll ask them on Tuesday to contact you with their decision.

It’s been good to be involved with u3a from the start, though I haven’t had time to do much apart from keeping the group ticking over, due to all my other musical activities.  Tod u3a has been a great asset to the area, and I’m sure it will continue to thrive.

On behalf of all the committee members we wish you well in your new venture.
I understand Richard, that you have been involved with U3A Todmorden from its beginnings. I can only speak of your involvement with the Music Group and I thank you for all the effort you dedicated to Music Appreciation. As Group Coordinator any loss of a group is sad, but to be positive I wish you and your wife, good luck for the future. I really hope we can rekindle the fire you leave and find someone to provide guidance to those members still left in the group.
                  THANK YOU

Novel Appreciation

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The convenor was not well this month, so David Simon – to whome, many thanks – sends this summary of the discussion of ‘Mort’ by Terry Pratchett.

“Most people enjoyed the novel and had laughed when reading it, though there was one exception. All except one thought that ‘Mort’ was literature, though categorising it was tricky as it wasn’t really science fiction nor was it magical realism: fantasy seemed closest to a description.

 A great deal of inter-textuality was identified from across a huge range of literature. Also identifies were interesting adaptations of concepts such as Einstein’s Theories of General and Special Relativity and Kenotic Theories of Christology.”

Next month we will be discussing ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ by John Berendt on Monday, 4th November at 2.00 in Todmorden Library.

 Old English

See contact details and information about the group

We continue to meet on the second and fourth Monday of each month in the upstairs room at the Stubbing Wharf pub, 1:30 – 3:00.

We are continuing to work through our textbook and other examples of Anglo-Saxon literature, and trying to increase our knowledge of the language. This year we have had a variety of interesting talks presented by members. Anyone interested in the group should contact Emily for further information.

Opera Appreciation

See contact details and information about the group

At the last meeting the group viewed  Gounod`s  “ Romeo and Juliette”. This romantic tragedy proved to be very popular.

The next  meeting is on Tuesday November 12th at 1.15 pm at Stubbing Wharf  when we will view a third opera based on Shakespeare  which will be Verdi`s “Otello”.

There are nearly 40 members on the books but it is possible to few more.If anyone is interested they can contact me on 01706 344821 or by email  k.coates994@gmail.com .


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This group continues to be popular with attendance between 15 and 20. The last topic discussed was : How do we know things?” and the next meeting due on October 28th at 10.15 at the Central Methodist Church will have “Why does time matter?” as the theme to be discussed. The group meets alternate Mondays.


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For the second September meeting the group visited Shibden Hall and we reviewed the photos at our first October meeting. This month’s excursion is to Townley Park.

Photography Group Two

See contact details and information about the group

Our meeting are usually on the 2nd Tuesday/monthly. We will be at Todmorden Fire Station Community Room. No new information

Poetry Appreciation

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Very much enjoyed our last meeting with poems on the theme of ‘aim/ambition’. We were as resourceful as ever and presented a wide variety in our poems. Thanks, all.

Instead of our usual meeting, for the next date on the 8th November will be our hosting the poetry reading for Todmorden Literature Festival. If you are unable to attend, please could you let me know? June needs to know numbers.

Poetry Enjoyment

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Last month we had poems on the theme of ‘fortune or misfortune’.  Misfortunately, most of the poems were concerned with the latter, so to restore the balance, for our next meeting on the 24th October, we will be discussing poems on the theme of ‘delight’ . . .

Practical Art

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Practical Art Group has been experimenting with different media and techniques, using inks, resists and charcoal. The theme has been the sea and the pictures produced have been really interesting and original. Our next subject, over a few weeks will be North American Indigenous totem poles. We hope to create our own versions of these amazing works of art. (Wendy)

In complete contrast to our recent seascapes we have now embarked (please forgive the pun) on a new and very different project on the subject of TOTEM POLES. We expect this to take us through the next two sessions. A relation of one of our class members has kindly offered to make us a wooden pole. We then hope to decorate it with individual masks or figures made from card in the style of NW American Indian Art possibly putting our own personal slant on the images. For the benefit of those who were unable to come to our session on Oct.4th, it’s worth doing a short re-cap on progress so far.
At the meeting on Oct.4th. Wendy gave a very interesting short talk on the history and meaning of totem poles within American Indian culture and we had a lively discussion noting the similarities and links with other cultures throughout the world such as the Maori of New Zealand and some African cultures. We also looked at lots of coloured pictures of this type of Art. For the remaining part of the session we let our imaginations get to work on some preparatory sketches for our masks.
For our class on Oct.18th. we should be able to start work on the ‘real thing’ working on flexible card to A2 size. I have already got around 17 sheets of card and it’s possible Gail will be able to bring some more. Some people may want to create a 3D effect on their mask in which case PVA glue, tissue, and torn newspaper would be useful. It is important to bring acrylic paint and anything you may wish to add to your masks such as feathers, raffia, wool or hair.
In the last session on this topic on Nov.1st. we hope to assemble and attach our masks to the totem pole and hopefully stand back and admire the result.
Because the whole project is a little more involved than usual and the end result a group effort it is important that we work together and it might be wise to have a short progress review at the beginning of the next 2 sessions and Wendy and I will both be there to offer help if we can. We would also love to see any of your finished seascapes. (Corinne)


See contact details and information about the group

The Psychology group met in October to discuss the psychology of health. We explored cognitive biases that affect our decisions.

In November will be looking at how children get introduced to psychology, through their PSHCE curriculum.

Quiz Group

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The next Quiz is on the 24th October. Each member will bring 4 questions. This group is full at the moment.

Readers Group (3 Valley Readers)

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Three Valley Readers have settled into our new home, in the front parlor of Honest John. ( Highly recommend as a meeting place – you need to book, of course, the food is good before hand, and tea, coffee or chocolate brought to us!).

We had read ( bits of) Mad, Bad And Sad: A History of Women and the Mind Doctors from 1800 to the Present by Lisa Appignanesi.

Some of us are going to see the cinecast of a version of Angela Carter’s Wise Children in October.

We are not taking new members at the moment.

Science Group

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We have now seen the first fourteen lectures from the plant science course, and have started the mathematics course. In the two meetings in the coming month we will continue the plant science course and learn about seed dispersal and then about water plants. We have begun the Great Thinkers Great Theorems course and have watched the first two lectures. The next three lectures will be on Euclid’s Elements.

So far O level maths has been more than sufficient to appreciate this course.

Scrabble 1

See contact details and information about the group — Please phone for details.

 The group is full at the moment so no new members can be accommodated. 

Scrabble 2

See contact details and information about the group

Between 12 and 15 of us meet to play Scrabble on the first and third Mondays of each month. We have a very welcoming venue at the Golden Lion, Rochdale Road, Todmorden. We have room for new members. anyone wanting to come along can contact me or just turn up on the day.

Social History

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The Social History Group had a visual presentation on Peterloo covering contemporary drawings and cartoons of the event and early 19 century Manchester at there September meeting.       The October meeting will be our final look at Bamford’s account of the day.

Table Tennis & Badminton

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Table tennis/ badminton is full at the moment and we have a waiting list. Anyone wishing to be added to the list please contact Ernie Rogan; 01706 812015 arlineandernie@tiscali.co.uk

Sandra Lambshead, Convenor, and  On Line Contact. Ernie Rogan, 

Tablet Club

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The Tablet group met on  Tuesday 1st October. We had a brief discussion on WhatsApp, then discussed the members problems and  questions.

The next meeting will be on the 5th of November

Walking Group

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The group meets on the last Tuesday in each month and group members take it in turn to organise a suitable route.  Walks are usually around 4 to 5 miles in length and details of the walk, including starting point, starting time, approximate length and degree of difficulty, are sent out to the group by email a week or so beforehand.

“If anyone feels they are able to arrange a future walk please will you contact Peter or Bill ”

Wine Appreciation

See contact details and information about the group

There has been no meeting this month due to autumn holidays. See you all again on Friday 8th November.

World Affairs

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For various reasons the group has not met for the last two scheduled meetings. However, the next one on October 23rd at 2.30 pm at the community room at Todmorden Fire Station will be taking place. The topic is the pharmaceutical industry. We have the offer of a speaker on fair trade for a future meeting.

See contact details and information about the group

See contact details and information about the group