German Group

Andy Hollis;
Weekly, Tuesday afternoons, 2.00 – 4.00pm, Community Room, Todmorden Fire Station


The reason for my absence on 29 May 2018 was that, together with 3 other members of the group, I joined the town twinning trip to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our ‘partnership’. It was a fantastic experience, something to talk about in the subsequent U3A session, before returning to the textbook.

       walking                              two mayors

One particular high spot was Kate Evans’s winning German poetry competition from last January being read out loud by the Buergermeister of Bramsche in front of about 200 people. The Happy Anniversary card it was in showed a black sheep and a white sheep having a friendly tussle. A bit like Yorkshire and Lancashire…

inside the castle                             view



Vicky Jackson  hands over to Andy Hollis

Sadly we said a very fond farewell to Vicky Jackson who is moving from the area. The vacancy for a new convenor has not arisen as Vicky managed to find a replacement, so I don’t have to do anything accept pass on thanks to Vicky and welcome Andy Hollis.

The picture shows how one member shared her nation’s American Independence Day celebrations by bringing in a special cake.

One of our sessions was marked by American Independence Day celebrations as one member shared her national day with the group by bringing in a delicious cake decorated as the Stars and Stripes.



Challenging subordinating conjunctions and the use of sequencing words have enabled members to form longer and more complex sentences.


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