Mah Jong

Harriet Appleby; Tel 07773 623655;
Wednesdays, 3pm – 5pm at The Hare & Hounds, Burnley Road, Todmorden, OL14 8EA.


Our meeting on 21st February was a combined celebration of our 2nd Anniversary and Chinese New Year at the Hare and Hounds, where the chef prepared special Chinese dishes that went down very well. There were 14 of us, a very good Mah Jong number since 14 tiles in various combinations are required to make a winning Mah Jong hand. It was the first time we have played 4 tables and the clatter of tiles might have resembled a café in Shang Hai! Congratulations to John Adamson for his winning submission of a ‘Todanni’ Special Hand that has been added to our list of Special Hand combinations.

 mah-jong-4 tables-21feb

 Needless to say, the following week was a wash out! Most of us were snowed in, so the meeting was cancelled – except for Christmas this year, we’ve played every week since we started..

20170418_130258       IMG_1860

IMG_1859    IMG_1857



The group is nearly 2 years old, with regular weekly attendances of 10 – 12 members.  There are many variations of the winning combinations of 14 tiles out of 144 tiles, so the challenge remains. However experienced the player, it’s a combination of chance and skill, also speed of thought now that we’ve imposed time constrictions on our game!  It’s a game that has many variations of its rules, and we’re beginning to think about how our rules might reflect Tod U3A.

Beginners are welcome and if you’re interested, please contact Harriet for more details. We play the U3A British version of the game.


1st Anniversary Celebration
14 members were able to attend our 1st anniversary lunch followed by some lively exchanges of Mah Jong tiles.


One of these pictures shows Jean Pearson with her winning hand – that happens to be called ‘Unique Wonder’ – most appropriate and well done, Jean!


Also shown is our new dragon logo, making her first appearance at our anniversary celebrations.
Dragon sketch - ink-6.58x4 copy

IMG_1860 IMG_1857

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