Novel Appreciation

Anthony Peter; 01706 551998;
2nd Monday of the month, Todmorden Library, 11-12.30

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Anthony Peter.

Novel Appreciation sets out to discuss mostly challenging novels, ancient and modern, from a moderately literary point of view.  We are concerned with the questions ‘What distinguishes a good novel from a less good novel?’ and ‘From what critical point of view might it be interesting to consider this novel?’  Having said which, we are not highbrow or professorial, though we are interested in a certain amount of analysis of the text.

The group is limited to 12 members:  if everyone turns up, we can manage a discussion at which everyone can have a say; and if several people cannot come, there are enough left to make the meeting work well.

We consider a range of texts: for example, ‘Villette’, ‘Restoration’, ‘The Inheritance of Loss’, ‘The God of Small Things’, ‘The Pickwick Papers’, ‘Mrs Dalloway’ and ‘I Like it Here’.  We take it in turn to suggest a novel, and although we try to draw them from the sets that are available through Calderdale Libraries, we also choose ones that require us to provide our own copies.

We meet usually on the first Monday of the month in Todmorden Library from 11.00 until 12.30.  The date can vary as we have to make sure we don’t clash with Philosophy, and Bank Holidays (when the Library is shut) require an alteration to routine.  Some people like to go to lunch together after the meeting, and this is arranged month by month.

We have had two new members join recently, so we now have our complement. This means, I’m afraid, that I will have to start a waiting list for anyone who wants to join in the future.  Don’t let that put you off asking:  it may be that there will be scope for a second group.


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