Old English

Emily Watnick; emilywatnick@gmail.com
Please email Emily for details of this group.

The group started in June, and we are now a group of 11 meeting twice a month trying to get to grips with the language of the Anglo-Saxons. We reached Chapter 9 of our textbook at the year end, and have also been helped by the various resources available on the Internet, particularly the videos produced by Leofwin and Cefin. It’s been interesting to see the connections between Old English, modern English, and also other northern European languages. We’re all finding it a challenge but a good workout for the brain – and are just all glad that we won’t have to go out and order dinner in Old English!
Emily has suggested that any ‘new to group’ members should contact her, and obtain the ‘work book’ the group are working from. New members will have to catch up by reading theĀ ‘work book’ before joining the group.

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