Poetry Appreciation

Lynne Taylor; 01282 411902; lynne.tlr@btinternet.com
Second Friday of the Month, 11.00am – 12.30pm, Todmorden Library

Over the last twelve months the group has continued to enjoy discussing poems on such themes as Reflection, Persuasion, Colour and Memory. We try to choose themes which are open to wide interpretation. Searching is part of the pleasure. The poets brought along to the last meeting for example were Maya Angelou, Lauris Edmund, an Anglo-Saxon poem, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Charlotte Mew, John Milton, Sarah Howe and Zaffar Kunial. As always, an eclectic mix.

Each month we have a theme, chosen at the previous meeting, from which we each choose a published poem, (not our own), and bring about half a dozen copies. Then we read, to some degree analyse, discuss and enjoy. (Or occasionally not, but we do respect one another’s choices and feelings!)

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