Poetry Enjoyment Group

Lynne Taylor; 01282 411902; lynne.tlr@btinternet.com
11.00-12.30, every fourth Thursday of the month, at Todmorden Library

This group has welcomed two new members this year, and has enjoyed poems on themes including Emotions, Food, Friendship and Summer. Poets discussed have included Louis MacNeice. U A Fanthorpe, R V Bailey, Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath and Raymond Carver. The array of poets and poems chosen never fails to be diverse, and anecdotes abound.

The Poetry Enjoyment Group is a little less formal than the Poetry Appreciation Group. Less analytical.  We bring along a poem to read (not our own), on a theme chosen previously (about half a dozen copies).  We may not be of similar tastes, but we are of like mind, and happy to be open to each other’s choices!

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