April’s Monthly Meeting

Andy Capp says: Don't stop me -- I'm off to pay my U3A Todmorden subscription!Greetings to all members. We had about 130 members attending, but only 88 signed in. It is a “Health and Safety” matter that members sign in for the meeting.

I make no apologies for repeating the cartoon, produced by Nick Littlewood and his publicity team, to remind all members that annual subscriptions are due. Members will be aware that my reports have contained many references to subscriptions. I am certain that the cartoon helped to bring this to the fore. In fact 117 members renewed last Thursday; 40% more than last year. This has resulted in having almost 25% of the membership paid up already. When the figures for those who pay by Bank Standing Order are added, on 1st May, we will have almost 50% of the membership renewed. A big thanks to all members who have already renewed, and thanks to the committee for all their hard work. We will be running a similar system, at the May members’ meeting, for those who wish to pay by cash or cheque. Members who wish to pay by Bank Standing Order can find all details on our website. It is not too late to Gift Aid subscriptions for this financial year.

Bill Griffiths, our Treasurer, reminds members that the old £5 note will no longer be legal tender next month.

Our 3 projects are underway. Gail and her team for the Impairment project meet for the first time next week. Any member who has hearing, sight or mobility issues, and who wishes to join, now is the time. The team planning the 10th Anniversary celebrations meets next week. Keith Coates has been leading the History and Research project, gathering statistics, information and preparing an introduction.

I would draw your attention to the excellent exhibition at the Todmorden Information Centre of images taken by Photography Group 1, led by Nigel Plant. There is an immediate impact of professionalism the way the photographs have been set out and labelled. I congratulate all involved. The exhibition is on until the end of the week.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Art Appreciation group to see a presentation about knitting. Though sceptical originally, I really enjoyed the experience, and learned about the meaning of the various patterns on the garments: ropes, waves, fish, boats, sailors. The co-convenor has persuaded group members to join in a trial. Members choose a number, blindly. This corresponds to a subject, and they will have to research it and give a short presentation. This is part of the process of being a member of U3A; it’s not just sitting back and listening.

On to the meeting. Gail Allaby, our Group Coordinator, gave her report, which can be found on the website. It is interesting that a new group, Old English, about to start, will have an American convenor.

Jean Pearson spoke for 5 minutes about the Coffee Club, which meets socially regularly. There is no coordinator, no agenda, just a general chat. Details are on the website.

Gill Radford, our Vice Chair introduced our speaker Professor Derek Scott, for a return visit. Professor Scott spoke about the Eurovision Song Contest, which is now 60 years old. Although originally songs had to be in the country’s native language, now the contest bears no resemblance to the first years. Professor Scott gave so many examples of the various different types of songs and how they were performed. My favourite; a reggae number, “Let the sun shine into your heart”, which the singers performed wearing leder hosen. As previously, Professor Scott had us all laughing with his descriptions and treated us to many recorded highlights of the songs over the years. It was a sort of upmarket “Terry Wogan” type critical appraisal of Eurovision. I am certain we will all look forward to Professor Scott’s next visit.

We had special guests on Thursday: Josie and Peter Conway, both from Todmorden Choral Society. I thank them for allowing us the use of the piano, which the Society owns.

Our next members’ meeting will be 18 May. Our scheduled speaker has had to withdraw because of ill health. His place will be taken by Bernard Lockett, who last year delighted us with his presentation of the music of Gilbert and Sullivan. This time he will be speaking about the politics of G&S and the relevance today.

Your committee looks forward to seeing you.

Ernie Rogan, Chairman.