The Art Club have been busy, as Jean Pearson explains below.

We have been inspired by poetry for our current project and some beautiful artwork has been produced.   We have been inspired by poems such as ‘Daffodils’, ‘Matchstick Men’, ‘Wild Geese’, ‘Ode to Autumn’, ‘Ducks’,  ‘Robins Round’, ‘The Curious Hare’, ‘The Birch Tree’, ‘The Scarecrow’, ‘The Englishwoman’, ‘On a fly drinking out of his cup’, ‘9 Circles of Hell’, ‘Billy Goat Gruff’, ‘Anne Hathaway’ and ‘A Shropshire Lad’.

At our next meeting at the Fielden Centre, Todmorden from 11 am -1 pm on Tuesday, 26th February, 2019, we will be discussing our individual choices and sharing our techniques and ideas.

There are just a few places available if you would like to have a taste of what we do – every fortnight.

Every session at Art Club is very special to all of us!!!   I haven’t taken any photographs of our work but I have scanned my painting – watercolours – entitled ‘The Englishwoman’ by Stevie Smith.   ‘This Englishwoman is very refined; She has a flat chest and a flat behind.’   I’ve written a second verse!   ‘These Englishwomen are not refined;   Each has a buxom bosom and a big behind!’.   So I’ve drawn a matchstick woman and some Beryl Cook women.   Hope it gives you a chuckle.