August’s Monthly Meeting

Chairman’s report members’ meeting 18 August 2016.

Greetings to all members.

Four new members joined 86 other members and 12 visitors, on a warm day, for our August meeting.

Some two dozen members have still not renewed their subscriptions, so at the end of this month they will no longer be members of U3A Todmorden and will not be able to attend any group activities or events.

Our Treasurer, Bill Griffiths, still requires an assistant. Would any interested member please contact Bill or myself; we will welcome any calls.

A plea from member Joan Bentley. Joan handed over a poetry book, in March this year, and cannot remember to whom she gave it; a small red hard backed book by Dr Fitzroy Gregory Joseph. If anyone has the book, please contact me.

Gail Allaby gave her group report, which was followed by our main speaker, Lesley Wood. Her subject: Chocolate – past, present and future.

This was an interesting and very detailed account of the history of chocolate to the present day. Chocolate beans are grown in an area only a few degrees north and south of the Equator. The trees take about 4 years to mature and are “pollinated” by biting midges. Traces of chocolate have been found in pots as old as 3000BC. In some cultures chocolate was used, specially, for betrothal and marriage ceremonies. Mayans used it as currency, perhaps leading to the expression “money grows on trees”? Originally chocolate was taken as a drink. 70% of all chocolate now originates in Africa and some three million tonnes are produced annually. The three types of beans are blended together to give the best taste. Cocoa butter is used to make milk chocolate which it took some 15 years to perfect. On the first evening of ITV, the biggest adverts were for chocolate products. Lesley told her audience that there is great concern about the amount of rain forest land being devastated for the growth of cocoa trees.

Our next meeting will be Thursday 15 September, when our speaker will be Steve Halliwell, and his subject: Moses Holden; Astronomer, Lecturer and Methodist Evangelist.

Ernie Rogan, Chairman.