Chairman’s report June 2015

Today we had two meetings.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held before the normal general meeting. The Minutes of last year`s meeting were approved and the Annual Report and Accounts for 2014-15 were approved. It was reported that there had been another positive year with membership again increasing to 415. The financial position remains very healthy with another small increase in funds . As a result it had been possible to hold the membership fee at the same level for the sixth year. Barring any unforeseen events it should be possible to hold that position for at least another 2 years.

The Vice Chairman ,Jean Pearson ,had reached the end of her 2 year period in office and has stood down from that post. Jean has had made a invaluable contribution .As many of you will recall she was the Acting Chairman for 10 months ,following the untimely death of former Chairman ,David Cross. I am particularly grateful for the support which she has given to me. I trust that Jean will continue to play a major role in her capacity as a convenor and in helping to develop short courses, building on the success of the Magna Carta course which she organised. You may well have seen the references to that course in the recent issue of “Third Age Matters”.

Three other committee members also stood down; Andy Garner;Margaret Gunnill; and Gail Allaby.

The following were elected :

Ernie Rogan as Vice Chairman.

Gail Allaby ; Margaret Gunnill ;and Mary Devereux were elected to the vacant positions.

(I will circulate a full list of the new committee ,including co-opted members, with contact details in the next few days)

The AGM was closed at 2.13pm.

Following the  AGM we moved to the usual General Meeting. The speaker this week was well known to many members through her Physiotherapy Clinic based in Todmorden. Lynne Midwinter, a Chartered Physiotherapist with many years experience in the NHS  and in private practice talked about “Back issues” . This ranged over the various causes of back and other associated problems ;pointing out those most likely to affect our age group . She also outlined the steps which can be taken to help prevent or alleviate such problems. This included an element of audience participation in some exercises. It was an excellent, well illustrated, and humorous  presentation .

The next General Meeting is on Thursday July 16th when Geoff Budd will be speaking on “North Korea –Fact or Fantasy ”.

Kind Regards

Keith Coates