December’s Monthly Meeting

Chairman’s report on the members’ meeting, 15 December 2016.

Greetings to all members. This report will be quite long; some light reading over the festive period.

My week started listening to Eric Midwinter, on You and Yours, talking about the growth of U3A. 35 years earlier the programme had championed U3A. Now we have 1001 groups and 384,000 members and still growing. I am proud to be a part of this excellent organisation.

There was a smaller than usual attendance at our Christmas meeting. We welcomed our Town Mayor, Cllr A H Greenwood, also a U3A Todmorden member, and his Mayoress.

In committee we have been challenged about welcoming new members. Gill Radford, our Vice Chair writes: “After volunteering to be the link person welcoming new members to U3A Tod’s monthly meetings, there were indeed four potential new members, to whom I managed to chat. They showed an interest in French Conversation, Art, Science and Philosophy, so please be prepared to make them welcome in your groups. I am certain they, in turn, will be able to make suggestions, with ideas from Oxfordshire, Cambridge and London.”

Our entertainment was provided by our quiz team, ably led by Myrna Beet, who provided a variety of questions; general knowledge, music, pictures. Many thanks to them for their hard work.

John Wallis gave us a short history of Variety and Music Hall, originally called Harmony Meetings, which started in the East End of London and were for males only. John then went on to talk about his favourite “daft humour”: mainly Northern. He spoke about George Formby, who made 22 films, and many other Northern comics. John told his favourite jokes and regaled us with his expertise on the tenor banjo, mandola and ukelele. Finally we joined John in traditional songs and ended with a good sing-a-long with Christmas Carols.

Next year we hope to offer members some projects. Firstly will be a Memory Day on 22 February and this is detailed below.

Early in the New Year we hope that Keith Coates, our former Chairman, will lead a research project. U3A Todmorden will be ten years old very shortly, and we would like to start a History of the Group. We will write to the members who joined first, the original steering committee and committee members, asking them for their memories. We will hope to build on this and find out about our membership and compare it with our local population. Keith will give details on his return from the USA.

Finally, we would like a working party formed by members who have impairments; hearing, sight and mobility. The committee would like them to look at what is required to improve their experience of U3A; to try and find possible solutions, and costs, and then advise committee to see if funds are available. There will be more details in the New Year.

I thank all committee members for their hard work this year and wish all members a Happy Christmas, a safe and healthy New Year, and that we can all meet again in 2017.

Ernie Rogan Chairman

Memory Day 22 February 2017

We have arranged for a Memory training day to be held at Central Methodist Church on Wednesday 22 February 2017, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The presenters will be two members of Heswall U3A.

The first 70 minutes will be details of how the brain works, followed by hints and tips of how to train the memory.

We will then have a short refreshment break and continue with a period of interaction and practice.

We can only have 20 members per session, so it will have to be on a first come basis. There will be a charge of £5 per person to cover expenses.

Members who are interested should contact me either by email: or telephone 01706812015.

If the event is successful and there is sufficient interest, we will try and arrange another session later in the year.