February’s Monthly Meeting

Dear Members,

We had another well attended meeting at Central Methodists on Thursday last, the 17th February; 122 members and 10 visitors were present. Five new members were recruited, bringing our total membership to 440.

Short Talk

The meeting started with a short presentation by Peter Gibson about Todmorden Talking Newspaper which provides an invaluable service for blind and partially sighted people. Peter is one of several U3A members who give their time to this service. Peter asked that anyone who knows a blind or partially sighted person who may benefit should draw their attention to this free service. He also pointed out that there are articles/features which may well be of interest to a wider audience. Further information and contact details can be found on this web site.

Main Speaker

The main speaker on Thursday was Professor Ian Barclay, who gave a fascinating talk about his experience of exploring the Ice Caves which were found high in the Pyrenees by the French explorer Norbert Casternet in 1926. Casternet explored the caves in detail in 1950 with his two daughters. It was extraordinary to see the “casual” clothing worn by Casternat and his daughters in the extreme conditions which they faced, and to hear of the risks they took in entering unknown caves. Ian’s expedition with his colleagues some 12 years later was in comparison well-equipped.

The presentation covered not only the exploration of the caves but also the geology of the Pyrenees (and an alternative explanation of how Hercules built the Pyrenees from rocks from the surrounding area).

Ian’s clear and entertaining presentation was enhanced by exceptional photographs and was greatly appreciated.

Science Group – Open Meeting

On Monday, March 21st the Science Group are holding a special meeting when Professor Katherine Morris, Manchester University, will be speaking about “Radio Active Waste”. The meeting, which is open to all U3A members, will be at Central Methodists, Todmorden, and will start at 10.00.am. There will be a charge of £1 to cover the cost of room hire.

U3A Todmorden Newsletter

The Newsletter which was published last November was well received by members and it has been decided to produce another one, to be circulated in May. Jean Pearson and Christine Richmond will again be responsible for the production. We hope that members will contribute items to the Newsletter. They may be items of information which may be of interest to the wider membership; others may wish to publish a poetic gem; or you may have comments on what U3A Tod is doing or not doing! If you have any such item of interest please contact Jean Pearson – 01706 813933 – email.

Tod in Bloom Appeal

The Todmorden in Bloom group is seeking volunteers for a community litter picking project which they are planning for March 20th to 22nd. Further details and contact information to follow.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Thursday March 17th, when Penny Dean will be speaking about her experience of being “Short in a Tall Person’s World”

Keith Coates