February’s Monthly Meeting

Greetings to all members. Another full house. All our usual chairs were used and the reserve wooden chairs had to be brought out, for the late comers.

Our guests were Cllr Pat Fraser, Mayor of Hebden Royd, and her Consort, who both said they had enjoyed the meeting. Cllr Fraser added she would be joining U3A at the end of her Mayoralty in May. We now have a membership of 516.


Gail gave her groups’ report and told us that there are likely to be three more groups shortly: Italian, Shakespeare and Novel Appreciation (group 2).

Thanks to all for bringing and showing their membership cards.

Andrew Teal, one of our unsung heroes, is moving shortly. Members may not see him, but we use his work every day: he is our Webmaster, and what a great job he has done for us. I am sure we all wish him well. Alan McDonald, a long- time member, has agreed to take over this role.

So good news and bad news. At the last members’ meeting, I was asked if the committee had considered using “compostable” cups for our refreshments. After a month of emails back and forth to the Recycling Officer of CMBC, eventually we agreed on the type of cup we can use, which can then be recycled in the “green” bins. Cost will be £40/1000. So that’s the good news. However, looking at the list for volunteers for refreshments, there are no names from September to December. Before anyone asks, Arline and I will be responsible for August, as soon as I have completed my duties as Chairman. Please put your names down and fill the list at our next meeting.

You will note from Gail’s report that we require Convenors for the Natural History and Spanish groups. We are a self-help organisation. If members don’t help, the organisation will cease. I have written to all convenors to ask for their help. Convenors are the backbone of U3A, do a great job keeping their groups fresh and alive, and give a great deal of their time. I know that within many groups, members join in, lead meetings and participate fully. However, vacancies occur and have to be filled. Our Vice Chair will be vacant at our AGM. It has to be filled, this is in our Constitution. We have a list of responsibilities for this post, which I will be delighted to forward to interested members. These are not onerous. The problem of members not volunteering runs through all voluntary organisations. Please consider carefully and if you feel that you can make a contribution, contact me or any committee member.

One advantage we have is that we do not need to seek funding on a regular basis. Todmorden Town Council has given us a very generous grant towards the publication of our History project, and we are grateful.

Our speakers were Peter Thornton and Ray Riches,


who talked about the origins and progress of their original videos and now DVDs of the Pathway Story. Intermingled with the history of this region were tales of numerous toasted tea cakes. Unfortunately their computer had a small glitch, so we were denied many photographs and films, which they had intended to show us. However, the duo were so entertaining, with asides and reminiscences, that images were unnecessary. Peter has a desire to appear in every film: like Alfred Hitchcock. Their first film was called “Walk along T’cut” and their second, surprisingly, “Walk along T’long cut.” They have produced a film about the Brontës, which they hoped would be a world-wide success and make their fortune; but no. They had many tales, and members so enjoyed their humour, that perhaps they can make a return visit.

Our next members’ meeting will be on 15 March 2018. Our speaker, making a welcome return, will be Geoff Carter, and his subject; The Battle of the Somme. Also, on that day, we will have some documents from the period provided by Darren Widdup and his colleagues. Our guests will be Kate Moreton-Deakin, one of the Deputy Lord Lieutenants of West Yorkshire; Cllr Jane Scullion, Deputy Mayor of Calderdale and her Consort.

Your committee look forward to meeting you.

Ernie Rogan Chairman