February’s Monthly Meeting

Report of the Members’ meeting held on 16 February 2017

Greetings to all members. We had our best attendance ever with over 150 members at Central. In fact some were so eager they were, literally, banging on the doors.

Our Group convenor, Gail, is on a well deserved holiday, so I would ask all members to look at her on-line report.

There were two matters of concern. Doug, who has been the Convenor for the World Affairs group for many years, reported that unless a volunteer could be found to take over the running of the group, the February meeting would be the last one. At the eleventh hour, Peter Baron has stepped forward and I thank him.

As members were advised last month, there were no volunteers for making refreshments, so we were without our usual welcome cup of tea/coffee and biscuit. However, Alison has advised that several members had “signed up” and, hopefully there may now be just sufficient for the remainder of the year.

Emily Watnick, our Assistant Treasurer, has brought her valuable experience to remind our members to sign up for Gift Aid. In general, members who pay tax can sign a simple Gift Aid form. This allows U3A Todmorden to claim back £3 on top of every £15 subscription. 22 members signed the forms on Thursday and we now have a total of about 70 members. This means that we can already claim over £200 back from HMRC. This could result in the group retaining the subscription at the present level of £15, or helping purchase equipment in the future. Ideally, the committee would like all eligible members to sign for Gift Aid. The £200 we can reclaim now is equivalent to 14 new members joining; and we do not have to service them; no emails, correspondence, or postage.

Last year the committee had difficulty in collecting subscriptions. These are due from April, yet some members did not pay until September. This, I believe, is unfair for the rest of the membership. We will be, actively, encouraging members to pay by Direct Debit.

The Impairment project has only 6 members who wish to be involved. This project’s aim is to enhance the enjoyment of members who have issues with sight, hearing, or mobility by making suggestions for improvement. Before we go any further, if any member wishes to join in, please contact me.

2018 will be the 10th anniversary of U3A Todmorden and, to celebrate, Keith Coates, our former Chairman, will introduce a combined History and Research project. We would like to speak to the original 50 members, most of whom are not only still around, but active.

Our speaker this month was Maria Glot and her subject was Titus Salt and Saltaire. Maria was the first Tourist Officer of Bradford District and now runs the Saltaire Experience, also acting as a guide. Her presentation was “in character” as the wife of one of Titus Salt’s employees: “eight children and another on the way”. Titus Salt built Saltaire Mill and the surrounding town, to be away from the slums and pollution of Bradford. The housing he offered his workforce was better than anywhere else in the area. Rents were not cheap, but the houses had indoor toilets and running water.
There was a cost: hard work in the mills, long hours, six days a week. He was an excellent money maker, even utilising every waste product to advantage. He patented a machine which could turn alpaca fibres into cloth which was as soft as silk, but cheaper.
Opinions differ about him: Philanthropist or Tyrant; 150 years on, we are no wiser — he burned all his papers prior to his death.

Please look out for a full review of Maria’s presentation, by Ant Peters, with photographs from J Roger Howard, in Todmorden News, in the next four weeks.

Our next Members’ Meeting will be Thursday 16 March and our speaker will be Alan Hemsworth; his subject, the Riddle of Humpty Dumpty.

Your committee look forward to seeing you

Ernie Rogan Chairman.