Hearing Loop at Central Methodist Church – Doug Simpson’s Advice

Information and Advice for Hearing Aid Users

At the U3A General Meeting in July Peter Gibson asked me, as a hearing aid user, to confirm that the loop system worked. At the end of the meeting I was able to confirm that it worked perfectly, as it had at the previous meeting and many others. He explained that some hearing aid users have said that they can’t hear with it.

My response to this is that all modern hearing aids are capable of working with induction loop systems, and that the user should be able to switch the loop detector on and off as necessary. In the case of NHS digital aids, which I use, this is done by pressing the volume button in until two bleeps are heard, but other aids may be different .

However, there is an issue, at least with NHS aids and possibly with others, that the loop detector in the hearing needs to be activated by the provider via their computer when first setting up the new aid for a user. Some time ago I discovered that the Calderdale Audiology Unit do not routinely do this unless the user asks for it, and in some cases they may not even mention it to the user. I complained about this approach, but do not know if anything has changed.

I would recommend that any hearing aid user who cannot hear via the loop system at the meeting goes back to their provider, explains the position, and asks for confirmation that the hearing aid is activated for such use.

Doug Simpson