Underwater Photos

Gill welcomed members to U3A Todmorden’s second virtual monthly meeting.

Committee had received several enquiries about the technicalities of running such a meeting from not only local U3As but also from as far away as Buckinghamshire so they have been helping to cascade the details to interested groups far and wide.

Gill thanked Administrator Nigel Plant, not only for his technical knowledge and skills but also for his natural ability to explain patiently the procedures required.

Equally though, she said, we the participants need a determination to jump in and have a go! ‘’Whenever I find myself asking the question, ‘Do I really want scary and unpredictable, in my life, at my age?’ I remember the U3A motto to LIVE, LEARN & LAUGH and I decide that if I am not prepared to carry on learning and laugh at myself if I get it wrong, then maybe I am in the wrong association!’’

 Gill went on to thank members for renewing their membership of U3A Todmorden despite knowing that ‘the other side’ of this pandemic is not getting any closer. She did point out that with the quality zoom talks Peter Carrigan has in store each month, the membership fee remains good value for money.

When one considers the tutorials, magazine and fact updates from the Third Age Trust, the Beacon system and the interest groups which are managing to keep running virtually it’s not beyond belief that with good publicity U3A Todmorden should even be able to attract new members.

As plans for the AGM in October are underway, with it comes the annual request to join the committee as Trustees of U3A Todmorden. There are 2 places on the committee including the role of Secretary. Please contact one of the committee members to show your interest and you will be most welcome to join them on the next zoom committee meeting on Tuesday 18 August.

U3A is running a tutorial nationally for members who want to know what being a Trustee entails. You can enrol for this course even though the actual date is yet to be confirmed. Please have a look on the national website for details.

All you need is some spare time and an inclination to keep our wonderful association going for a few more years at least.

Gill then introduced the speaker for the afternoon. Mr David Keep, the renowned Natural World and Wildlife amateur photographer had been recommended by Nigel Plant who had met David when he presented a similar talk pre Covid.

David gave an absolutely fascinating talk with video clips, still photographs and music to compliment the hammerhead sharks, green turtles, terrifying salt water crocodiles and the frenzy of feeding gannets.

David is a scuba diver of 25 years and photographer who only took up underwater photography in December 2016. He showed us his artistry from travels around the world to Florida, Northern Bahamas, Indonesia, Southern Cuba and the Shetlands.

Nigel Plant gave the vote of thanks. As a photographer himself he was full of admiration for David’s work but none of us could have failed to watch spell bound as we imagined it was us in the water within centimetres of these amazing creatures.

Gill closed the meeting hoping members would be able to watch next month on Thursday 20th August when the talk will be by Hudddersfield U3A member Michael Reader who will present his talk entitled,’ 1968, A week in the hands of the KGB’.