July’s Monthly Meeting

Greetings to all members. We had 111 members, four visitors and four new members present at our AGM and I welcome the members who joined on the day. The committee hope you enjoy your time with U3A Todmorden.

The AGM ran smoothly and thanks to the whole committee for their help. Marion Kershaw read the minutes of the AGM 2016, which were accepted by the membership.

Bill Griffiths gave the Financial Report, that we are in a sound and healthy position. The membership also accepted the report, which was signed and dated.

Bill Griffiths is leaving his post as Treasurer. There being no other nominations Emily Watnick was returned as Treasurer.

There were two vacancies on the committee; there being no other nominations Anne Foster and Peter Carrigan were returned to the committee.

We now have just over 500 members registered, but expect to lose several, who have not yet paid their subscriptions. There are 40 special interest groups.

The good news is that, thanks to the hard work of Emily, we now have in our bank account £445.03 returned to us from HMRC for Gift Aid. I would ask all members to consider completing a Gift Aid form, if they pay tax. By claiming back about £3 per person, we can try to maintain the £15 membership fee; held for the last eight years; and purchase new equipment. Our oldest computer needs replacing; it is eight years old and runs on Vista, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Keith Coates is heading the Research Project and has found that there are 22 fully paid up members, whose names never appear as attending the monthly or special interest meetings.

On Tuesday, Doug Simpson gave the committee a very comprehensive report on the issues surrounding members with hearing, mobility or sight problems. It was thought-provoking. We are on the right lines but work has to be done to make improvements. When the final report is given to the committee, it will be shared with convenors and interested parties.

Now for several appeals. U3A is a self-help organisation, so we always require volunteers for all aspects of our groups.

The team that looks after the sound and vision equipment would like some additional help. I gave full details last month. If any member has experience, or would like to be trained how to use the mixer desk, please contact either Peter Gibson or myself. Our contact details are on the website. At the end of the meeting two members came forward with offers of help. So thanks to them.

We have asked regularly about helpers for the tea/coffee rota. Many members say they will help out, if required, but when asked to commit to a particular date, they seem to fade away. If you can help please contact me.

To remind all members. At the beginning of September, we will post out all membership cards to those who have paid their subscriptions, but not collected them. Once a reasonable time has elapsed, members may be asked to produce current cards for entrance to monthly or special interest groups. Our Research Group found about 20 people attending groups, who were not U3A Todmorden members; this situation has mainly been resolved.

Finally. We have produced newsletters reasonable frequently, to try and keep all members up to date with our activities. However, this year, those who normally put this item together have been extremely busy on projects. If any member would like to help to assemble a two-sided, simple, short newsletter, please get in touch with me. We have the processes to gather information; we require members who can bring this together, so it can be put into a “desk top publishing” program. We will then print them. At the end of the meeting a member offered to help, and for that I am grateful. But we can always use more help to lighten the workload.

Gail gave her monthly report about group activities. Full information will be on the website.

Jean Pearson spoke about her Art group, why it started, and showed an example of work she had completed.

One of the convenors for the Lunch Club has had to withdraw and Jean Pearson has volunteered to forward details of the forthcoming meetings. Jean announced the date of the Christmas lunch. As before it will be at Stubbing Wharf and details of the date and menu are available. Book early this is always a popular event.

Alison Greenwood spoke about the forthcoming weekend devoted to the life of Geoff Love and the book launch in early September. Details are available from the Information Centre.

Gill Radford, our Vice-Chair introduced our guest speaker, Geoff Tansey and his presentation: Food: Wars or Peace? This was a challenging talk about fair, healthy, and sustainable food systems. Food systems correspond to what people want. But is what they want realistic, will it be so in the future? The number of people working in agriculture is staggering; about 2.5 billion, world wide, ranging from farmers, traders, workers, processors, manufacturers, wholesaler, caterers; before the product reaches us, the consumers. There is a battle for consumers by manufacturers and a few massive companies have a great deal of control. The seed industry, for example, has only three major producers. There are many threats to agriculture; climate, competition over resources, global militarisation, systems not fit for purpose. Geoff suggested that increased productivity is not necessarily the complete answer; that we already have sufficient food production for our needs. He asked in the future will we be able to consume what we want, rather than require. He suggested that we all need to act together; individuals, governments, communities, corporations, for the benefit of us all. There are some goals, the most important to end hunger by 2030. If societies do not have sufficient food, they will move.

I remind members that the next U3A Todmorden monthly meeting will be on 17 August: our speaker will be Dr Mary Holmes and her subject ”Four years, eight histories and a dog”. Your committee look forward to meeting you.

Ernie Rogan Chairman.