March’s Monthly Meeting

Members’ meeting report, Thursday 16 March 2017.

Greetings to all members. We had a good attendance of about 100 members.

Gail gave her group report, which can be found on the website.

Committee member Peter Gibson made an excellent suggestion, agreed by the committee, that convenors could have five minutes to promote their groups. The first to speak was David Greenhough, convenor of Jazz Joy. David has huge enthusiasm for his subject and a great commitment for his group. He lives in Bacup, does not have a car and so ‘commutes’ to his meetings by taxi. I hope that David’s dedication is rewarded by an increase in the attendance at Jazz Joy. Full details of meetings can be found on the website.

A great effort from Emily Watnick bringing to the attention of members and the committee the subject of Gift Aid has resulted in 140 members signing up. This will result in U3A Todmorden receiving from HMRC about £500. I would ask all members to consider Gift Aid. Members who pay more than £3.75 per annum tax are eligible to sign for Gift Aid for U3A Todmorden. This will help retain the membership fee at £15 and/or help us to renew our equipment as required.

Next month the committee hope to begin a campaign to ask members to consider paying subscriptions by Standing Order Mandate. The form for year 2017/18 is already on the website (thanks are due to Peter Gibson and Andrew Teal), to ensure we are ready in plenty of time. If any members not on the net wish to have a SO, then please contact me and I will ensure that one is posted.

The Memory Day was well received by those attending and the feedback was good.

The Impairment Project will be led by Gail Allaby. Any member who has issues with sight, hearing, or mobility and who wishes to increase their enjoyment of membership of U3A Todmorden should contact Gail.

Keith Coates, our former Chairman, has produced a questionnaire for our History and Research project. We intend this to be published by March 2018, in time for our 10th anniversary. A sub-committee has been formed to organise the celebrations.

Our speaker Granville Dobson, came to our aid. Our booked speaker became ill on Tuesday and Granville agreed to give a presentation. My thanks to Peter Carrigan for his hard work in finding a speaker, and to Granville for stepping in at such short notice. Plans have been made should a similar situation occur.

Granville talked about his 41 years on the railway, focusing on his 15 years as a Fireman, on the footplate. His home base was Low Moor, near Bradford. In 1948 the rail network was nationalised and by 1964, except for excursions, all trains were diesel hauled. Granville started work, at 16, as a junior cleaner, which meant climbing into the fire box of steam engines. He never knew how hot the working environment would be. He had to clear the clinker from around the inner skin and this always resulted in a choking red dust forming, within minutes of starting work. The fire boxes were approximately 10ftx5ftx5ft. There were many tales of the trials and tribulations of working on the footplate and the characters with whom he worked and spoke about very fondly. He talked about a driver, whose false teeth did not fit correctly, so spent a quite while carving and moulding them into shape. Only to find they were actually his wife’s!

Finally, on Saturday 18 March, 14 convenors attended a First Aid Awareness course, receiving an overview of First Aid including resuscitation, presented by a Yorkshire Ambulance responder. I thank Anne Foster for arranging the course. I am certain that all who attended will feel a little more confident, should a situation arise.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 20 April, when Professor Derek Scott will talk about the Eurovision Song Contest. Members may recall Professor Scott giving a humorous presentation last year. Your committee look forward to seeing you.

Ernie Rogan Chairman.