May’s Monthly Meeting

Greetings to all members. We had over 100 members attending again and I welcome the six new members who joined. Our visitors included two members from the “about to be formed group” from Whitworth, Rochdale and the committee wishes them well.

I am pleased to report that we now have 494 members; just short of that magic 500. Last month over half the membership renewed their subscription and at Thursday’s meeting about another 30 paid by cash and cheque, so thanks to all for paying on time.

Emily Watnick, our Assistant Treasurer, has been working hard to persuade members to sign up for Gift Aid, and to date we have received from HMRC a total of £440. Hopefully there will be more to come.

The not-so-good news is that Jean Pearson has been working on the Research Project and by matching names to groups, has discovered that there are over 20 people who attend, but are not U3A Todmorden members. Convenors have been given details and asked to check, and we hope this situation will be resolved shortly.

As a result of this work, the committee has decided that, from September this year, members may be asked to produce their membership cards to attend group or members’ meetings. All members who have paid their subscriptions, but not collected their membership cards from members’ meetings, will receive them in the post in August.

I give advanced notice that the AGM will now take place at the July members’ meeting. There will be a vacancy for Treasurer and two vacancies for committee members. The calling notice and nomination papers will be published shortly.

The three projects are underway. Keith Coates has pages of information and statistics for the Research project. Many thanks to those members who have replied to the surveys. Doug Simpson is chairing the project for members with sight, hearing or mobility issues and has forwarded some of their comments. The 10th Anniversary group have met and are looking at various aspects of the celebrations.

This month I was pleased to be invited to attend the Novel Appreciation group, having first read the book, Dissolution, and took part in the review of the novel. It was most interesting and I thank Ant Peter and his group. I have had a few invitations to other groups, so if convenors wish to forward dates I will do my best to attend and join in proceedings.

I have been asked to remind members that there are still some places available on the Let’s Go trip to Eden Camp on 7th June. This promises to be an enlightening visit to a most well known attraction.

Finally Peter Gibson, our long-serving and long-suffering Technical Officer, wishes to hand over some, but not all, of his duties. Peter has been holding down at least four posts. In his own words “I would like the committee to seek several volunteers to join the team to set out and pack away the audio and visual equipment used at members’ meetings.”

Peter has also had the responsibility of keeping membership records. Our system is based on XL, but the committee think we should change to a more modern system, perhaps “in the cloud”.

One of Peter’s other jobs has been the trouble shooter: the computer won’t start/this has gone wrong/how do I book the equipment for next week/the digital lock will not open.

Any members who have worked in IT, have a love for computers and programs, are practical or can help in any way and want U3A Todmorden to continue and flourish please contact Peter, any committee member or me; all our details are on the website.

Peter has carried this burden for eight years and the fact that we are asking for multiple members to take over these roles indicates his commitment to U3A Todmorden and how hard he has worked. Over the years he has been Group Coordinator, Speaker Finder, Chairman and has held other posts.

Our speaker this month was Bernard Lockett and we were pleased to welcome him back. His subject this time was the Social and Political satire of Gilbert and Sullivan. Gilbert was concerned that 95% of the population lived in poverty. He talked about the corruption of the legal system. But Sullivan’s music took the edge off the satire. Members of the House of Lords “did nothing in particular, but did it well”. Many audience members could not hear the words clearly, but just enjoyed the music: fortunately, Bernard gave us numerous examples of the comments on society of their day compared with today. Disraeli gave W H Smith, who had never served in the Navy, the post of First Lord of the Admiralty, resulting in the song from HMS Pinafore “When I was a lad” “Stick close to your desks and one day you may be the Ruler of the Queens Navy”. Today known as “jobs for the boys”. As a reformer Gilbert wrote Princess Ida in 1883 and championed education and universities for women. He was truly ahead of his time. We look forward to Bernard’s next visit.

Next month neither Gill Radford, vice chair, nor I will be in attendance and the meeting, Thursday 15 June 2017, will be chaired by Keith Coates, who will introduce our speaker Neil Smith and his subject Have guitar: will travel.

Ernie Rogan Chairman