Message from the Committee about Meetings


After the very popular talk by Sue Flood at the January Members’ Meeting it seems pertinent to advise all members about some concerns the Committee did have in preparing the final touches for the meeting.

We were concerned that we have no way of knowing how many people would be attending the meeting and if in fact we would have to turn some people away.

Maybe we should consider making such events ‘ticket only’? but that would I feel, be unnecessarily bureaucratic and after all, members cannot easily predict their availability.

The Fire Regulations stipulated by the Fire Brigade tell us that the maximum number allowed in the building is 160.

Meetings generally attract between 100 and 125 people so an extra 35 was manageable; yet we knew we would have no alternative but to turn people away if Anne Foster’s ‘clicker’  as she welcomed you at the door, showed numbers were at the limit!

This message then is quite straight forward.

On future occasions when attendance at our meetings is quite likely to be high can we suggest that you make sure to arrive as close to 1.30pm as possible, when the doors open. We cannot guarantee that visitors too would not be sure to arrive punctually, but at least you have been made aware that there does exist a maximum number to which we must adhere for the Health and Safety’s sake of our members.

We are delighted to find and secure speakers of as high a calibre as Sue. Indeed, Peter Carrigan has an excellent record of booking speakers on topics we find entertaining for which we are most grateful. Long may his success rate of finding top notch speakers remain!