Music Appreciation

Suspended until we can find a new convenor

Suspended until we can find a new convenor

Usually the convenor chooses a theme, and provides CDs for the group to listen to and discuss. Typical themes have been ‘Mixing of old and new’, ‘The saxophone in orchestral music’ ‘Canons and chaconnes’ and ‘Romantic serenades’. It is hoped soon to have a few sessions on ‘Words and music’.

On occasions we have also had ‘Desert Island Discs’ where members have brought along favourite pieces of their own, which they introduce and, if they wish, explain why the music means something special to them.

If you choose to bring music with you to share, that’s good, but there is no obligation to do so.  Although sometimes we might discuss a particular aspect of music, we keep it as non-academic as possible, so previous musical skill or knowledge is not necessary.  We try to learn how to listen, and what to listen for.

New members welcome to join the sessions.