October’s Monthly Meeting

09:20, 20th October 2017.

Good Morning.

109 members attended yesterday’s monthly meeting and were both enlightened and entertained by Sheila Antrobus and her presentation, ‘Check it, don’t Chuck it!’

There were more than 50 antiques, collectibles and curiosities which members had kindly brought for Sheila to value, based on current retail prices. Sheila, a retired teacher, shows her collection at local Antique Fairs and has taken part in TV programmes such as Bargain Hunt.

She was passionate, knowledgeable, and amusing as she told us that our pottery, glass, wood, paper, ivory, bone, were worth much less than we had hoped in today’s world unless they had some intrinsic quirky quality or usefulness : if it was doomed to be nothing more than an ornament the value was reduced. A snuff box in the shape of a pair of boots had a value double that of a snuff box inlaid with bone marquetry simply because of its quirkiness. Silver and gold might even only be worth their weight once melted down – what a personal disappointment!

Nevertheless the audience remained spellbound for 90 minutes, many leaving with Sheila’s business cards for future contact. That is to say the hoarders amongst us could go and search their attics knowing which items had value, whilst the chuckers, like me, were left thinking, ‘Oh well, c’est la vie’!

The format of the afternoon had worked well with membership cards being shown at the main entrance and everyone able to take part via the hearing loop system and the video screen which could magnify even the smallest items.

Ernie Rogan thanked Sheila for her wonderful presentation.

Thank you to everyone for making the afternoon a success.

Gill Radford Vice Chair 2017