September’s Monthly Meeting

7pm, 21st September

Good Evening Fellow Members,

I was asked by the committee to take over as Acting Chairman this month in the absence of both our Chairman, Ernie Rogan and our Vice-Chairman, Gill Radford. Gill was just taking a pre-arranged, well-deserved holiday but, as many of you may know, Ernie had to have some significant medical treatment a couple of weeks ago and will be out of action for a little while yet. However, I’m very pleased to report that his recovery is going well and he seemed in very high spirits when I talked to him a couple of days ago. I’m sure that all members join with me in sending him best wishes.

We had another excellent Member’s Meeting today with a very interesting talk by Trevor Moody about “Hardcastle Craggs and Gibson Mill”.  This was a last-minute replacement for the advertised talk by Rev. Christine Griffiths on the topic of “Facing the Inevitable”, which had to be postponed because of ill health. We are lucky to have the services of an excellent Speaker Finder in Peter Carrigan, and in the midst of working hard on next year’s programme of speakers, he did us proud with with such an excellent replacement today at short notice.

In his lavishly-illustrated talk, Trevor covered the history and development of what is now a National Trust property and included a great deal of information, not just about the Hardcastle Craggs and Gibson Mill, but also about the surrounding area. With some 200 slides and his huge amount of knowledge, I think I can say with confidence that this was definitely no second-rate substitute for our advertised event!

Before the main talk, we had the usual Groups Report from Gail Allaby, albeit a shortened version this month, but full details are here, and Gail’s report will also be sent out as usual to all members on email and by post to those members subscribing to the postal mailshot.   We also had another Group Showcase today, in which a different group each month is allocated a 5-minute slot to tell us all about their group – where and when it meets and what it does. This month it was the turn of the Novel Appreciation Group, and the Group Convenor, Anthony Peter, gave us an excellent insight into the group’s activities and telling us about novels they have read and plan to read in the near future.  The group is at maximaum attendance level at the moment, but with four members on a waiting list there is scope for setting up a second group.  Any volunteers for another Convenor?  Incidentally, Anthony is the man behind the U3A press reports that grace the pages of the Hebden Bridge Times and Todmorden News, and so it was a good opportunity to thank him for the good work he does with his reports.

I also want to thank George Boyle and David Sutcliffe for helping me with setting up and running the audio-visual equipment at Members’ Meetings and for standing in for me at holiday times and on occasions like today. And by the way, we’re still looking for additional volunteers to help with this work!

Today’s Members’ Meeting was the first occasion when members had been asked to show their Membership Cards on arrival, and committee members were delighted by the response, with around 80% of members able to show them.  We are hoping that within the next couple of months that figure will have risen regularly to 100%, thereby reducing the risk of members being turned away at the door when we make it mandatory!

However, membership cards will definitely be required next month for the “Don’t Chuck It, Check It!” meeting, featuring local antiques expert, Sheila Antrobus, who will be describing and carrying out valuations on items brought in by members.  In her allocated one-hour time slot, Sheila expects to be able to cover around 60 valuations!  We are expecting a very high attendance at that meeting and so we are also specifying “No Visitors” on that occasion.  We may even be in the position of having to turn away some card-carrying members if we find that we’ve reached the Fire Service’s designated safe capacity figure for the hall.  So please come early to guarantee entrance!  Doors will be open from 1.30pm as usual.  Full details of how the meeting will operate were included in Tuesday’s email, but are repeated below for the benefit of new members and for recipients of the postal mailshot.

Peter Gibson, Acting Chairman

Arrangements for Thursday 19th October Members’ Meeting

  1. Entry will be restricted to Members Only for this meeting and members will be required to show Membership Cards on arrival.
  2. To ensure that we don’t exceed the maximum capacity of Central Methodists, members will be issued with consecutively numbered tickets on arrival and if the maximum number is reached, the doors will be closed.
  3. Any member attending may bring along just ONE item for valuation.
  4. Items for valuation must be relatively small and easily portable.
  5. You will need to label your item in some way with your name and Membership Membership Number (from your Membership Card).  This is for identification only – ownership of items being valued will not be announced.
  6. Members will be asked to put items for valuation on the table at the front of the room. Whilst these tables will be overseen by committee members, please bear in mind that items will be deposited entirely at your own risk.
  7. No guarantee is offered that all items will be valued – it will be up to Sheila to decide which items to feature.
  8. We are intending to use a video camera to show items being valued on the projection screen at the front.