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Progress on establishing new groups

12th June 2024

We proposed 8 ideas for new or complementary groups to u3a Tod members in a recent survey. Two of these have had initial meetings in June: Alfresco History and Walking at the Weekend. Both of these groups have activities programmed for the next couple of months, and are listed in the u3a Tod website like established groups, so members can find out about what they are up to and contact convenors to join up.

We haven't forgotten about the remaining group proposals that featured in the survey. Here's what we can say about each of them.


There won't be an additional photography group, as only two respondents expressed interest in establishing one.

Foreign-language films

Twenty members expressed an interest in the formation of an additional group to complement the existing oversubscribed group. As 20 isn't comparable to the membership of the established group, there needs to be further consideration of how to meet the aspirations of these 20 members. I hope to have more news on this shortly.

English Language and Linguistics

Twenty-one members expressed an interest in this idea for a new group. This is a theme that I plan to offer a programme for after I come back from summer holidays. I expect to arrange an inaugural meeting in August.

Food Preservation, Pickling etc.

A dozen members have signed up as interested in this topic, and one of them has offered to convene the group. They need to receive some Beacon training, and will be in a position to announce an inaugural meeting in July.


A dozen members have expressed an interest in this activity, which is a cut-down version of tennis, with a smaller court, bats instead of racquets, and balls with holes in. There are possibilities of venues in both Mytholmroyd and Todmorden which I am investigating.

An additional Reading group centred in Hebden Bridge

Eight members have expressed an interest in setting up such a group. I plan to put them in touch with each other before the end of the month.

Bill Black, Groups Co-ordinator..