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November 2023 Meeting: Numbers

Event type: Meeting
Date: 16th November 2023
Time: 14:00
Venue: Central Methodist Church
  • What's the connection between Fibonacci Numbers and sunflowers?
  • Just how did the Egyptians build their pyramids with exactly 90-degree corners? 
  • Why 1+1 = 10?  
  • What is the sum of one each of the Roman numerals? 
  • When is a billion not a billion?

Dave was a teacher and lecturer and taught Maths and Computer Science and so numbers come naturally to him. However don’t panic if Maths isn’t your strong point, he will be addressing some questions which I’m sure we’ll all find fascinating, including the ones above.

So why not come along and be intrigued by Mathematics!

Refreshments will be available, served this month by members of the Lunch Club.