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Group Category: Arts and Humanities

  • Alfresco History / Archaeology

    This new group is developing a programme of visits to historical sites interspersed with group sessions which review past visits and anticipate future ones. More detail in the post (below) about our inaugural meeting.. Group News Read more

  • Local History

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  • Poetry Appreciation

    We are senior students of the art of ‘language charged with meaning’ who finesse our judgments about the extent to which a poet may have deployed the best words in the best order. We admire the skill a wordsmith has drawn on to rhyme without ostentation, to sense the rhythm appropriate for the moment, to… Read more

  • Poetry Enjoyment

    Poetry enjoyment met via Zoom. Each month we choose a theme for the next meeting. Over the next few weeks we read as many or as few poems as we wish to find one that fits the theme. We email our choice to the other members and at the meeting read our chosen poem to… Read more

  • Social History

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  • 3 Valley Readers

    Convenor is Christine Morton. In-person meetings take place on the first Thursday of the month at Honest Johns in Todmorden. Books read are predominantly fiction with occasional non-fiction. The books are chosen by the members and each take turn to lead a book discussion. Read more

  • Art Appreciation History

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  • Classic Literature Group

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  • European Film Club

    Our Sep - Dec 2023 programme is based on 8 French films which were released in France after 2000. Each film will be in original version with English subtitles. The screening will be followed by a discussion about the film. Read more

  • Novel Appreciation

    We meet on the 1st Monday of the month, unless it's a bank holiday, in Hawkstones Room 203 in Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub, Burnley Road, 2pm to 3.30pm. We are a friendly and informal group with a passion for good literature, ranging from classics to modern. Each member has the opportunity to choose… Read more