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The latest news from the Todmorden U3A

  • Groups Report June 2024

    Read more

  • Progress on establishing new groups

    12th June 2024 We proposed 8 ideas for new or complementary groups to u3a Tod members in a recent survey. Two of these have had initial meetings in June: Alfresco History and Walking at the Weekend. Both of these groups have activities programmed for the next couple of months, and are listed in the u3a… Read more

  • Calderdale Forum 50 plus

    https://calderdaleforum50plus.com runs over-50-friendly friendship & social groups and coffee mornings in Calderdale. We're listed there as the u3a, but you may find other interests are catered for too. Read more

  • Audio recording of April 2024 Guest Speaker Report

    Dave Weldrake. "Mediaeval Churches of West Yorkshire" Read more

  • March 2024 meeting : Crippen - A Case of Mistaken Identity?

    This month's guest speaker was Dr Julian Somerville who spoke about the case of Dr Crippen. Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen was born on the 11th of September 1862, in the United States. At the age of 21, he qualified as a doctor. While working at a New York hospital, Crippen stitched a wound sustained by… Read more

  • February 2024 meeting: Does Colour Exist?

    The guest speaker was Professor Stephen Westland, Professor of Colour Science and Technology in the School of Design at the University of Leeds. His main interest is colour, and his approach to studying colour spans some quite diverse areas such as design, science and technology, and machine learning. He began by answering the question posed in… Read more

  • January 2024 meeting: Murderous Anaesthetists

    This month's speaker was Alan Kershaw, who retired from a career in Anaesthesia in 2017, having worked in South Yorkshire for 25 years.  He began by reminding us that practising medicine is a dangerous business, as is anaesthesia.  He said that death, and the methods of trying to prevent illnesses and injury leading to death,… Read more

  • November 2023 meeting: audio recording of Guest Speaker Report

    A report on the talk about 'Numbers'. You can download the MP3 file by right clicking on this Read more

  • November 2023 meeting: Numbers

    Dave Calverley, a retired teacher and lecturer, presented this month's talk on 'Numbers'. After introducing himself, Dave told us that in his teaching career in numbers and other aspects of maths he would have had the time to involve his classes with exercises to involve and engage them in learning the subject to a high… Read more

  • October 2023 meeting: audio recording of Guest Speaker Report

    A report on the talk on 'A solo walk across Africa'. You can download the MP3 file by right clicking on  this link. Read more