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French Improvers

Status:Active, open to new members
Group email: French Improvers group
When: on Monday afternoons
1:30 pm to 3.30pm, 2nd and 4th Mondays in the month
Venue: TLCCH- Hawkstones room
Cost: Block booking for 6 sessions allows reduction. Approximately 12 participants = £15

Members usually have studied French at some point, however long ago! Our main aim is to be able to have a simple conversation in French, maybe to ask or give information and more importantly to understand the answer!

New Room at TLCCH from SEPTEMBER 2024

To improve further our move to Tod College, we are re-locating to a carpeted room in order to make it easier for all of us to hear comfortably. An additional advantage is that we will in future be located on the first floor instead of the second.

NB. We are staying in Hawkstone's for the 4 remaining sessions of this academic term.

French Improvers


TLCCH-Pex Tenements


Gill Radford


£15 for 6 sessions


Note that booking is required.